Stop worrying about chips and scratches.
Protect your Tesla's paint.

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Visit our paint protection store to browse and purchase pre-cut XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF kits for all vehicles.

Benefits of Self Healing Protection Film For Your Tesla

  • Paint protection film retains the original look of your Tesla with minimal seams and a glossy finish

  • Paint protection film protects against rock chips, salt, bug damage, and UV damage

  • Paint protection film is invisible, durable, and removable 

  • Paint protection film is self-healing: it repairs swirl marks and scratches when exposed to sunlight


Professional Quality Kits. Installed by You


Using only premium XPEL paint protection films, our paint protection kits are precision cut to fit your Tesla and we provide installation tutorials to ensure your install goes smoothly.


The installation is knifeless and the film is digitally pre-cut before being installed on the car to ensure a perfect fit.

The film will be virtually invisible and will keep your Tesla's paint pristine for years.

Whatever the Size, We Can Do It.

Our installations are knifeless, and with thousands of templates for all different types of vehicles, we ensure that the film is a perfect fit before we even put it on the car.

If you can't find the exact kit you want, contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Installation Tutorials

Our team of paint protection experts have put together a variety of tutorials to help you install our pre-cut paint protection kits to your Tesla. We provide all of our tips, tricks, and secrets to help you with a successful installation.

We also have hand selected some of the best tools, including knives, squeegees, and sprayers to help with your install.

Peace of Mind. Guaranteed.

We stand behind our products and installations 100%. Our films are from the world's leading brands and are covered by their comprehensive warranty.

If you're not satisfied, let us know. We'll make it right.