What is Self-Healing Paint Protection Film?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Imagine if your brand new car could "heal" itself? That rock chip or door ding just vanishes several minutes after it happens. With self-healing paint protection film, that could actually happen.

scratch on car

Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

There are many variations of protective films that can be applied to vehicles. The films are designed to provide a protective layer between the vehicle's fragile paint and the outside world.

The most popular film manufacturers are well-known companies like 3M or Premium Shield. These companies have a built a reputation for providing the best and most durable paint protection films on the market.

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But what is "self-healing" paint protection film?

Self-healing protection film has a variety of layers to it, made up of polyurethane, adhesives, polyester, and a clear coat. This is done through an advanced process called microreplication. Aside from protecting against fading and stains, these layers work together to both protect the car's paint and react to heat in order to "heal" any surface damage inflicted on the film.