Summer Hydro Bill Going Up? Here's How Solar Window Film Can Help

Victoria, BC, is beautiful in the summer. It could even arguably one of the most beautiful places to spend the summer in Canada.

For those of us that live in this West Coast paradise, we are sometimes faced with a tough dilemma when it comes to our windows and the heat - if we cover the windows to keep the heat out, we lose the picturesque magic that Vancouver Island offers.

How do we fix this? The answer: solar window film.

Keeping Your House Cool

There are various well-known ways to keep your home cool during the hottest months of the year. You can open windows, install blinds, buy some fans, or (for the luckier ones among us), air conditioning.

It's no secret that British Columbia has seen record-setting heat waves the past few years and it doesn't appear to be subsiding any time soon. There is only so much that fans and opening windows can do to circulate air flow. The problem is: if the air is hot, your home will be too.

Air conditioners can be some of the most energy-consuming installations in a building. Whether or not you have a central air conditioning system or a standalone unit, it requires power - and the cost of energy isn't going down.

The Main Culprit: Windows

Windows allow natural light into a building and brighten up a home. Natural light in a building has been shown to improve mood, regulate sleep cycles, and keep lighting costs down.

However, as the sun beats down on the glass panes of a window, the solar heat collects in the windows and effectively "bakes" the interior of the building without proper air flow.

The UV rays penetrate the glass, heat up the interior of the building, and even fade furniture.

Solar window films are specially designed to prevent all of these things, keeping your house cool and your energy costs low.

Solar Window Films - How They Work

Solar window films, like 3M Prestige Window Films, work by creating a reflective barrier between the UV and infrared radiation and the building - allowing light to pass through but keeping the heat out.

Keeping these rays out significantly reduces heat penetration and furniture fading. While there is a small amount of darkening of the home, newer films allow natural light wavelengths to pass through keeping the home well-lit and naturally bright.

High quality films are more than just a window tint and can reduce the heat build up by up to 79%. That means a significant difference in temperature before and after installation.

Additional Benefits

Aside from efficiently managing the climate inside your home, solar window films provide additional privacy, revitalize the exterior appearance of the building, and protect the windows against excessive expansion/contraction due to heating and cooling cycles.

These benefits help the windows and window seals last longer, while also protecting against breakage and theft.

In Conclusion

With a 79% decrease in cooling costs associated with the hot summer months, window films provide an energy efficient solution to keeping your home cool while allowing you continue to enjoy the view on a gorgeous summer's day.

In addition to solar window films, you can also maximize the cooling effects with fully automated window coverings from The OneTouch House, a local home automation company that has been providing outstanding installations for over 19 years.

We offer many varieties of window films for your home/business, and we even apply window tint to vehicles!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.